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10 Exercises To Get Flat Stomach In Just A Month


1. Commando Plank

Do: 60 seconds

a. Begin in a high plank with your core engaged and your feet hip-width apart. Hold for 30 seconds. Keep your spine neutral.

b. Keeping your core engaged, lower your left forearm on to the floor, then your right so you’re in a forearm plank. With your back flat, push through each arm to return to a high plank. Repeat for 15 seconds, finishing in a high plank. Struggling? Just think of those abs.

2. Downward Facing Dog

Do: 10-second hold

a. From a high plank, hinge at the waist to push your weight back through your heels until you arrive in a downward-facing dog: legs straight and arms outstretched in front of you, hands shoulder-width apart.

b. Hold for 10 seconds, pushing your hips back over your heels to feel the stretch in your hamstrings and the backs of your arms. Return to a high plank and repeat five times.

3. Flutter Kicks

Do: 3 20-second reps

a. Begin lying flat on your back on a mat, palms face-down underneath your glutes. Core engaged, raise both your legs in a straight line until they’re hovering above the floor.

b. Keeping your abs braced and legs straight, rapidly kick your legs – right and left alternately – up and down, stopping just above the floor each time. Make sure that your lower back doesn’t lift off the floor at any point.

4. Cross Crunch

Do: 10 reps per side

a. Lie with your left hand behind your head and your right arm outstretched at a 90° angle to your body, right palm facing down. Engaging your core, raise your right knee and crunch over to your right side until your left elbow touches your right knee.

b. Reverse the movement until you return to the start. Done your reps? Switch sides and repeat, crunching as hard as you can.

5. Russian Twist

Do: 20 reps, using a 5kg weight (or heavy books).

a. Lie on your back, knees raised and bent at 45° with feet hovering just off the floor and both hands holding the weight above your chest. Use your abs to raise your torso to a 45° angle with the floor.

b. Slowly twist your torso to the right side, keeping your arms straight and raised. Pause and then reverse the twist to repeat on the left side. That’s one rep.

6. Partial Sit-Up

Do: 40 reps

a. Lie on your back, knees bent and feet tucked under a weight (or get your PT boyfriend to stand on them), stretching your arms out in front.

b. Using your core to lift you, reach for your knees with a short, swift movement – lifting only your head, shoulders and upper back off the floor. Reverse and repeat, feeling the burn in your upper abs.

7. Swiss Ball Press-Up and Knee Tuck

Do: 20 reps

a. Begin in a high plank position with your feet placed on top of a Swiss ball. Bracing your core for stability, lower into a press-up and come back up – pausing at the top of the movement.

b. Engage your abs and keep your feet on the ball, draw your knees in towards your chest, pause and then reverse to your starting position. That’s one rep – keep going.

8. Upward Back Bend

Do: 10-second hold

a. Begin lying face- down on your mat. With palms on the floor by your shoulders, keep your elbows tucked into the sides of your body and raise your chest off the floor by pushing into the ground with both hands.

b. Drawing your navel towards your spine to protect your lower back, bend your upper body up and back as far as is comfortable – tilting your head and chest upward at the top of the movement. Hold for five breaths and release.

9. Stability Ball Pass

Do: 10 reps

a. Begin lying on your back, arms stretched out above your head, holding a Swiss ball in between your hands. Squeezing your abs, lift your upper body and raise your legs until you’re able to pass the ball from your hands to your feet at the top of the movement.

b. Squeezing either side of the ball with your feet, simultaneously lower your legs and upper body to the floor. Pause at the bottom, then reverse the move, passing the ball back to your hands.

10. Side Plank Dips

Do: 60 seconds each side

a. Lie on the floor on your left side, with your left elbow resting on the ground and right leg stacked on top of the left. Squeezing your core, thrust your right side upwards into a side plank, raising your right arm above your head.

b. Dip your left hip down to the floor, then raise it back to a side plank position. Repeat as many times as you can in 30 seconds. Now switch sides. Hurts, doesn’t it?


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